3 Ways To Get Extra Food This Summer

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a financial strain on nearly every individual on the planet. While government resources have provided some financial aid, it hasn’t quite met the challenge of ensuring that every American has food to put on the table.

If you are struggling with ways to feed your family during these unprecedented times, consider the following methods to get extra food for your family during the summer months.

Food Banks

Every city has at least one local food bank that any resident can take advantage of. Food banks typically offer the staples such as:

•    Bread

•    Milk

•    Canned Or Fresh Vegetables

•    Fruit

•    Grains & Rice

They are accessible to the public and generally don’t require anything other than a government id. Going to a food bank can supply a family of four with enough food to last approximately three days, and banks generally allow up to 2 visits per week.

Government Programs

summer meals programs

Individuals can apply for many state and local benefits that provide food assistance. The most popular one being a SNAP, or food stamp program. This provides families with a predetermined amount of money each month to spend on groceries.

Additionally, since meal programs are only provided during the school year, many organizations are dedicated to feeding children through summer meals programs. Registration for these programs can be done online or in-person and require at least one child 17 or under to be eligible.


Restaurants frequently offer free meals on a person’s birthday. Check your local restaurants to see what free meal specials they offer.

Additionally, those individuals who work in a restaurant may be able to take home any food leftover at the end of the day. This is a great way to provide supplemental food assistance to your family.